Some Notable People Buried in St.James'

Below is a list and links to individual pages of the more notable people buried in the grounds of St.James’. Most of this information has been supplied by relatives of these people, for that a huge Thank You.

I am always looking for more information. If you have something which you feel may be included in these pages, please get in touch via theAboutsection.


William Huskisson. 1770 - 1830 M.P. Has the dubious distinction of being the first passenger train fatality.

Samuel Holme. 1800 - 1872 County Magistrate and Lord Mayor of Liverpool 1852 - 1853

Kitty Wilkinson 1786 - 1860 The founder of the washouses and heroine of the great cholera epidemics

William Daniels 1813 - 1880 The Rembrandt of Liverpool, and of Scotland Rd.

William Harrisson 1813 - 1860 The Master of the Great Iron Ship. The Great Eastern.

Sarah Biffin 1784 - 1850 Standing 37 inches high, this little lady painted Britains nobility.

William Taylor Barry 1784 - 1835 United States Senator. Appointed Postmaster General by President Jackson.

John Foster 1786 - 1846 Notable Liverpool Architect who designed several city landmarks.

Edward Rushton 1756 - 1814 An 18th Century Radical and founder of the Liverpool Blind School.

Sir William Brown 1784 - 1864 A merchant banker who donated the money for Liverpool Central Library.

Harmood Banner 1783 - 1865 Philanthropist and Accountant.

Thomas Colby 1784 - 1852 The longest serving Director of the Ordnance Survey.

John Oliver 1774 - 1876 Served aboard H.M.S Victory with Nelson at Trafalger.

A.H.L. Richardson 1872 - 1932 The first winner of a Victoria Cross while serving a Canadian unit under British Command.

Robert Cain 1826 - 1907 Founder of Cain’s brewery in Liverpool.

Elisha Halsey 1798 - 1844 The American ship Captain who came to an Untimely Death in the Bay of Biscay.

Lucy Walker 1836 - 1916 Mountaineer, The first woman to climb the Matterhorn.


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