St James' Cemetery ยป Burials Database

This database includes the names of around 15,000 individuals buried in St James' Cemetery. There were nearly 58,000 buried in total, so therefore not all those who are buried are in the file. Many records were digitised from the burial records on microfilm at the Liverpool Record Office, and others are names and dates gathered from the remaining memorials. It is clearly a work in progress and it is regularly being updated.

The area column shows a number that corresponds with the map here, to give you an idea of where to look for a memorial. If this column is empty, it is likely the stone (if there was one) no longer exists.

The location number column gives a unique identifier for the gravestone and inscription of that individual. For the moment only section 6 and part of section 4 are complete. Compare them with this map.

The plot number column is the original location of the grave (where the remains still lie today), even if the memorial has been moved. You can see the location of all the plot numbers on this plan from 1926.