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When i first started to put this site together, back in 1998, very little was known about the patch of land behind Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. It soon became apparant to me the importance of St. James’ in the history and development of Liverpool.

This 10 acres of ground holds the remains of nearly 58,000 people. From a Sea Captain, stabbed to death, to a simple serving girl, from a Midget Artist who painted England’s Nobility to children who died during the great cholera epidemics. From an American Senator, to a sailor who fought at the Battle of Trafalger, they all found their final resting place here in St. james’ Liverpool.

Visits since May 2000

St James’ past is not just as a cemetery. From as early as the 16th century it has supplied stone to the town of Liverpool, some of it's finest buildings and it’s dock system all used stone from here.

Today St.James’ is very much part of the local community, as an open space in the heart of the Georgian Quarter.

In the following pages i will show you around, and introduce you to some of the people buried here, I will show you what i have managed to piece together of the history of the grounds and what many other people from around the world have contributed to this project..

Hope you enjoy the ride.


Mike Faulkner 2014